Lifestream Customer Experience

    The Next Frontier of AI Enabled Video Analytics

  • Trusted by the world's largest brands


  • The Power of Observation

    Capturing the true customer experience

    Lifestream’s AI video technology can identify every human that enters a space, and subsequently report behaviors & patterns with accuracy.


    Never before has this data been available, and it's changing how some of the world's leading brands are capturing and improving their customer experience.


    Now, restaurants and retail have access to a highly effective solution for measuring true guest satisfaction, capturing behavioral KPIs that have been notoriously hard to track.

  • Consider This

  • Did you maximize the revenue potential from the customers in your stores last week?

    How many people enter but leave the end of the line without making a purchase?

    Is your environment delivering the customer experience you expect?


  • Navigating Pain Points

    Data from our video analytics show that:

    • Up to 16% of restaurant visitors fail to make a single purchase.
    • More than 50% of customer confusion with new technology (like self serve kiosks) require crew interaction.

    This results in annual sales gaps as high as $500,000 - just in a single location.


    And, despite all your best efforts to make the customer experience as pleasing, pain-free and profitable as possible - the often unpredictable way customers navigate your stores will make this frustrating and costly.

  • What We Capture


    Total Number of Customers


    Key Touchpoints


    Touchpoint durations


    Overall Journey Time




    Pain Points

  • Case Study


    The Ask

    Our client developed a new restaurant concept designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


    But how did it work in practice?



    • What impact did it have on revenue?
    • Did customers prefer the new concept?
    • What opportunities were there to enhance profitability?


    Pre, Post & Ongoing Tracking

    • 2 low profile cameras installed

    • Baseline behavioral data captured 2 weeks prior to store refurbishment.

    • Initial impact data captured 2 weeks after re-opening.

    • 1,400 customer journeys tracked.

    • A continual tracking program initiated to track optimizations, adaptations and long term performance.


    Tangible ROI

    Robust behavioral data enabled an accurate cost-benefit analysis by quantifying:

    • A 23% increase to the customer journey duration
    • A $506,000 sales deficit compared to the previous model
    • Continuous identification of optimization opportunities

  • Client Feedback

    ”Your data highlighted that some elements of the customer journey now take longer than they did in the original restaurant which disproves with real behavioural data what customers had told us in the satisfaction survey.
    That was the jackpot moment for me.- Global Fast Food Chain, Insights Manager

    "We never thought we could get such a robust and in-depth picture of our store's layout and the impact it has on our bottom line. The changes we made following our work with Lifestream has not only
    increased our profits, but improved the customer's experience." - Global Fast Food Chain, VP of Operations

    "Working with Lifestream for the FSA made the previously impossible task of unobtrusively watching kitchen behaviours possible. Lifestream continually adapted to the study's needs - creating a new workflow to capture video in kitchens without wifi for example, and ensuring that data transmission was secure. They were also able to adapt the dataset to specifically fit the behavioural framework we created for the FSA along with a team of academics. Right now, we're still working with the data - via a dashboard and platform that makes it easy for us to find, quantify and re-watch behaviours we're interested in." - Darren Bhattachary, CEO, Basis Social

    "The unique thing about the data from Lifestream is that is coming directly from unfiltered behaviour. Not only does that mean you can trust it, but it often directly contradicts claimed data from surveys, leading to opportunities that would probably have been missed" - Simon Garnett, Founder, The Forge

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